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INN (InterNetNews), originally written by Rich Salz, is an extremely flexible and configurable Usenet / netnews news server. Netnews is a set of protocols for exchanging messages between a decentralized network of news servers. News articles are organized into newsgroups, which are themselves organized into hierarchies. Each individual news server stores locally all articles it has received for a given newsgroup, making access to stored articles extremely fast. Netnews does not require any central server; instead, each news server passes along articles it receives to all of the news servers it peers with, those servers pass the articles along to their peers, and so on, resulting in "flood fill" propagation of news articles.

This site is the coordination site for INN development, used for source code browsing and bug tracking. Also see:

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.

Development Code

You can browse the INN repository using the Browse Source option in Trac. To check out the current development source, install a Subversion client and run:

    svn co inn

This will check out CURRENT. For STABLE instead, use:

    svn co inn-2.5

This public repository is updated every hour from the active development repository and may therefore lag behind by as much as an hour.

You can also download nightly snapshots. Snapshots are produced only if the current code compiles and passes the test suite, so they have undergone at least some basic validation, although they've not been tested by a human.

Please submit all patches against the current trunk, not against a stable release. The development version of INN is often much different than the last stable release.

Maintainers of INN who have an account on should use:

    svn co svn+ssh:// inn
    svn co svn+ssh:// inn-2.5

to check out the development repository.

Mailing Lists

INN is primarily discussed on mailing lists hosted by ISC.

To subscribe or see archives, follow the links above.

INN and other news server software is also discussed in the Usenet newsgroup

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