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     1= InterMapTxt =
     3== This is the place for defining InterWiki prefixes ==
     5This page was modelled after the MeatBall:InterMapTxt page.
     6In addition, an optional comment is allowed after the mapping.
     9This page is interpreted in a special way by Trac, in order to support
     10!InterWiki links in a flexible and dynamic way.
     12The code block after the first line separator in this page
     13will be interpreted as a list of !InterWiki specifications:
     15prefix <space> URL [<space> # comment]
     18By using `$1`, `$2`, etc. within the URL, it is possible to create
     19InterWiki links which support multiple arguments, e.g. Trac:ticket:40.
     20The URL itself can be optionally followed by a comment,
     21which will subsequently be used for decorating the links
     22using that prefix.
     24New !InterWiki links can be created by adding to that list, in real time.
     25Note however that ''deletions'' are also taken into account immediately,
     26so it may be better to use comments for disabling prefixes.
     28Also note that !InterWiki prefixes are case insensitive.
     31== List of Active Prefixes ==
     38== Prefix Definitions ==
     41PEP$1.html                                       # Python Enhancement Proposal
     42PythonBug$1                                             # Python Issue #$1
     43Trac-ML # Message $1 in Trac Mailing List
     44trac-dev   # Message $1 in Trac Development Mailing List
     46Mercurial # the wiki for the Mercurial distributed SCM
     47RFC$1 # IETF's RFC $1
     48ISO # ISO Standard $1 in Wikipedia
     50CheeseShop  # Python Package $1 from the Cheese Shop
     52mysql-bugs  # Bug #$1 in MySQL's bug database
     53peak # $1 in Python Enterprise Application Kit's Wiki
     54MODPYTHON # Issue $1 in mod_python's JIRA instance
     55SvnWiki # Subversion Wiki
     58# A arbitrary pick of InterWiki prefixes...
     68GoogleGroups$1/msg/$2        # Message $2 in $1 Google Group