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Switch to Automake

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INN originally used a hand-rolled build system and made libtool optional because both were extremely slow on the development platform I had at the time and that's how the original conversion from the old build system was done.

It's now many years later, computers are a lot faster, and Git Autoconf and libtool are considerably faster. We're adding a lot of complexity by maintaining our own build system. (I switched to Automake for all of my other projects some time ago and never looked back.)

A non-recursive build structure would be particularly nice, although it makes partial builds more difficult, but even a traditional recursive Automake setup would be an improvement.

The dynamic generation tricks that storage and history do will need revision for Automake and probably need to be done at configure time instead.

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comment:1 Changed 10 years ago by Julien ÉLIE

Building with Libtool is no longer optional in INN 2.6.0. The --enable-libtool option to configure has been removed.

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