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Advertise overview fields for which the database is consistent

Reported by: Julien ÉLIE Owned by: eagle
Priority: medium Milestone: 2.5.0
Component: general Version: 2.4.5
Severity: normal Keywords: compliance


LIST OVERVIEW.FMT is wrong if the news administrator changes the result of his overview without rebuilding it (old articles will have bad overview information and RFC 3977 states it "MUST NOT include fields for which the database is inconsistent"). A finer control on it should be added in inn.conf.

Russ Allbery suggests the following thing:

"overview.fmt for one shouldn't be a separate configuration file. I'd been planning, but never got around to, making it instead a list parameter in inn.conf using the new configuration syntax; in other words, something like:

extraoverview: [ xref, newsgroups ]

(note the absence of the mandatory fields; there's no reason to make people list them in the configuration).

If we had two configuration parameters, one that lists the fields saved to overview and the other listing what to advertise, a news administrator could do the right thing.

It's a lot harder to figure this out automatically inside INN. You could assume that any changes to the list of extra fields aren't consistent until all of overview has been rebuilt, I suppose...."

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comment:1 Changed 15 years ago by Julien ÉLIE

Keywords: compliance added

Documentation, expire, makehistory, nnrpd, inn.conf parsing and the test suite are (at least) impacted by such a change.

comment:2 Changed 14 years ago by Julien ÉLIE

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

(In [8409]) * Add support for list values in inn.conf.

  • Remove the overview.fmt file and use two new inn.conf

parameters: extraoverviewadvertised and extraoverviewhidden.
They allow the news administrator to choose the overview
fields he wants to advertise to readers.

  • Add a new argument to overview_extra_fields: this function

returns either the additional fields to advertise (with ":full")
or all the additional fields to generate.

  • Xref is forced as the eighth field of the overview database.

  • Be consistent with the responses of other LIST commands:

no full stop at the end of the initial response line.

  • Updated documentation, samples and test suite.

close #101

comment:3 Changed 14 years ago by Julien ÉLIE

(In [8410]) * Also update scripts (forgotten from previous /large/
commit 8409).

see #101

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