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#51 fixed Support Injection-Info eagle eagle

nnrpd should fill out Injection-Info as specified in the current USEFOR draft to supplement the current trace headers. Eventually, it should replace all of them (NNTP-Posting-Host, NNTP-Posting-Date, X-Trace, X-Complaints-To).

#71 fixed mailpost should close files on -c eagle eagle

To get sendmail to continue before "mailpost -c ..." is finished, stdout and stderr have to be redirected, since mailpost -c doesn't close its file descriptors in the child and therefore sendmail never gets an EOF.

#73 fixed news2mail's crosspost handling code generates bad To headers eagle eagle

news2mail uses the following to generate the To header:

print SM "To: @a\n\n";

If there are multiple addresses, this generates a broken header since it uses a bare space as a delimiter. sendmail will then turn this into a dot and corrupt the header. It needs to use a comma instead.

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