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#22 fixed Improved sendinpaths script eagle eagle

A rewrite of sendinpaths in Perl from Mohan Kokal.

#28 fixed Support feeding junk to peers eagle eagle

This patch from Andrew Gierth adds the capability to feed articles accepted and filed in junk (due to wanttrash) to peers based on their feed patterns (applied to the Newsgroups header as if the article were accepted and all those groups were carried). This is required if you want to run INN with a minimal active file and propagate all posts.

#30 fixed nnrpd doesn't support passwords with spaces eagle eagle

The NNTP protocol uses whitespace as a command and argument separator, which means that passwords containing whitespace don't work. The generic NNTP parser in nnrpd throws away the tail end of the password or produces a syntax error.

However, since the password is the last argument, we can hack around this problem. Here's a patch from Jeffrey M. Vinocur from 2001 that implements that fix, which may require some updating.

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