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#13 fixed gpgverify uses attached signature verifications eagle eagle

gpgverify uses the old attached signature verification method, which doesn't work properly for new-style GnuPG signatures that require Hash headers for attached signatures.

Given that pgpverify does the right thing and gpgverify was added just because it was a simplified version that assumed GnuPG, perhaps it should be removed.

#15 fixed news log logging wrong source for local postings eagle eagle

Local postings are logged to the news log as originating from a site from the Path or possibly from elsewhere in memory. I see not-for-mail entries in the news logs, and other people have seen various peer sites.

#21 wontfix Obtain moderator addresses via NHNS eagle eagle

NHNS was a protocol for putting group information into DNS, including moderation addresses. This is an old patch from Marco d'Itri to add support for this. This project may now be dead; I'm not sure.

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