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#99 fixed Add a decent command parser to innd eagle Julien ÉLIE

innd should have a decent command parser. It would then be easier to implement RFC 3977, 4643 and 4644 if an array contained the provided command-line arguments.

It will also fix a few bugs in current parsing (IHAVE<article> without a space is currently a recognized syntax, length of arguments is not checked, etc.).

#95 fixed Add a local control.ctl file eagle Julien ÉLIE

We should allow people to override control.ctl without editing it. This way, they can just download new versions of control.ctl and keep their local changes to control.ctl and their additions elsewhere.

A new control.ctl.local file would be used for that.

#4 fixed Add encoding to checkgroups processing eagle eagle

Add encoding specifications such as:

  # Output encoding for newsgroups file.

  # Incoming encodings in checkgroups.

and then update docheckgroups processing to use iconv to convert newsgroup descriptions to the output encoding before adding them to newsgroups.

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