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#121 fixed innfeed crashes after a failed assertion eagle Julien ÉLIE

A long-standing issue in innfeed which sometimes crashes with:

2009-01-04 19:39:50 innfeed: assertion -- cxn != NULL -- failed in file connection.c line 1171
2009-01-04 20:59:43 innfeed: assertion -- cxn != NULL -- failed in file connection.c line 1171

It comes from cxnCheckstate() in connection.c, called only once in host.c. We should check whether the connection is still here. It may not have been affected during a for loop. For instance, we have:

    for (idx = 0 ; idx < host->maxConnections ; idx++)
      if (!host->cxnActive [idx] && !host->cxnSleeping [idx] &&
          (cxn = host->connections[idx]) != host->notThisCxn)

We could have a case where all the connections to a host are inactive and sleeping. Therefore, cxn will still be NULL and passed to cxnCheckstate().

Suggested patch:

Index: host.c
--- host.c      (révision 8263)
+++ host.c      (copie de travail)
@@ -1783,7 +1783,7 @@
       delArticle (extraRef) ;

       remArticle (article,&host->processed,&host->processedTail) ;
-      if (!cxnCheckstate (cxn))
+      if (cxn == NULL || !cxnCheckstate (cxn))
           host->artsToTape++ ;
           host->gArtsToTape++ ;
#41 fixed innreport creates incorrect file names at the start of the year eagle eagle

Reported by Julien ÉLIE <julien@…>:

There is a problem in the name of the last report of the year. Instead of being named « news-notice.2006.12.31-04.15.02.html », it is named « news-notice.2006.01.01-00.00.00.html » and thus breaks everything in the html page (it is put at the bottom...).

And the line is « Jan 1 00:00:00 -- Dec 31 23:59:59 » instead of « Dec 31 04:15:02 -- Jan 2 04:15:03 ».

#7 fixed innreport doesn't properly track checkpoints across days eagle eagle

When logging incoming article counts, innd logs two types of log messages: closing messages when the remote peer terminates the connection, which summarizes all articles received on that connection and then reset the counter, and checkpoint messages, which say how many articles were received so far.

Currently, innreport takes into account checkpoint messages if no subsequent closing message is seen, but since connections can be open for days, this can produce skewed numbers on how many articles have been received. The articles received on previous days aren't properly subtracted from the checkpoint value.

One possible solution would be to store a local file holding the last checkpoints that innreport processed, and then read that file at the beginning of a new run and subtract off those numbers from subsequent checkpoints. There would need to be some way to run innreport and not save changes to this file.

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