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#102 fixed Improve checkgroups semantics in control.ctl eagle Julien ÉLIE

According to control.ctl man page:

The third argument for a line affecting checkgroups does not affect whether the line matches. It is only used after a matching line is found, to filter out which newsgroups listed in the checkgroups will be processed. This means that a line like:


will cause all checkgroups control messages to be dropped unless they match a line after this one in control.ctl, not just ignore newsgroups containing binaries in the name. The general rule is to never use * in the second field for a line matching checkgroups messages. There is unfortunately no way to do what the author of a line like the above probably intended to do (yet).

#107 fixed 403 response code for nnrpd authentication filters eagle Julien ÉLIE

Perl and Python authentication filters for nnrpd should be able to return the new 403 response code (besides 281 and 481).

Keep mapping 502 to 481 for backwards compatibility with INN 2.4 and RFC 2980.

#111 fixed Advertise extensions to the LIST command eagle Julien ÉLIE

INN recognizes LIST keywords not mentioned in CAPABILITIES. They should be documented in an Internet-Draft.

  • LIST SUBSCRIPTIONS (with a wildmat)
  • Define the meaning of some other status fields of LIST ACTIVE:
    • j No posting allowed, incoming articles filed into junk
    • x No posting allowed, remote postings rejected
    • =* Group aliasing

The meaning of a junk newsgroup will have to be described.

How could we advertise these new status fields? (EXTENDED-STATUS, with a version number, as a new capability?)

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