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#3 fixed Act on checkgroups control messages instead of sending mail eagle eagle

The only difference between doit and mail in control.ctl configuration of checkgroups handling is whether controlchan runs the checkgroups through docheckgroups to generate a shell script first. There's no way to tell the server to just make the necessary changes.

If this is added, there should probably be a corresponding configuration option telling controlchan the maximum number of changes that could be made at one time before bailing and mailing the changes to the admin.

#4 fixed Add encoding to checkgroups processing eagle eagle

Add encoding specifications such as:

  # Output encoding for newsgroups file.

  # Incoming encodings in checkgroups.

and then update docheckgroups processing to use iconv to convert newsgroup descriptions to the output encoding before adding them to newsgroups.

#5 fixed Refer to inn.conf variables instead of /usr/local/news in install docs eagle eagle

install.pod and checklist.pod currently still refer to the default /usr/local/news installation path rather than the inn.conf variables (I<pathbin> and friends) that are used elsewhere in the documentation. They should be changed to be consistent.

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