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#148 fixed Add trailing comment in CHECK and TAKETHIS responses Julien ÉLIE Julien ÉLIE

Responses to CHECK and TAKETHIS commands currently do not mention the reason of a reject (notably from Python or Perl filter hook, but also directly from innd main checks).

On the contrary, responses to IHAVE mention the reason.

#144 fixed inews rejects valid headers Julien ÉLIE

inews wrongly rejects articles that contain header fields whose length exceeds 998 bytes. That length should be the one of a header line, not a whole header field.

Reported by Jeffery Small in inn-workers.

#139 fixed Improve the colon-space check in headers eagle Julien ÉLIE

Posting the below article generates that log in news.err:

Sep 15 21:37:08 news nnrpd[29674]: Bad header copying headers for Perl: 'message-id <test@…>'

nnrpd should check that syntax before calling the Perl filter.

POST 340 Ok, recommended message-ID <mt9rvr$sva$1@…> From: <test@…> Newsgroups: trigofacile.test Subject: test Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2015 15:40:14 +0000 (UTC) message-id <test@…>

Test . 441 437 No colon-space in "message-id <test@…>" header

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