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#121 innfeed crashes after a failed assertion eagle defect high innfeed
#13 gpgverify uses attached signature verifications eagle defect medium utilities
#41 innreport creates incorrect file names at the start of the year eagle defect medium utilities
#91 Add CAPABILITIES to nnrpd eagle enhancement medium nnrpd
#94 Radius authenticator segfaults on unresponsiveness of the servers eagle defect medium utilities
#101 Advertise overview fields for which the database is consistent eagle defect medium general 2.4.5
#123 Use Getopt::Std instead of legacy eagle defect medium utilities
#3 Act on checkgroups control messages instead of sending mail eagle enhancement low utilities
#4 Add encoding to checkgroups processing eagle enhancement low utilities
#5 Refer to inn.conf variables instead of /usr/local/news in install docs eagle defect low doc
#10 Export the same variables from all innshellvars instances eagle defect low utilities
#73 news2mail's crosspost handling code generates bad To headers eagle defect low utilities
#82 mailpost needs better debugging traces eagle enhancement low utilities
#84 Log more status from innd eagle enhancement low innd
#95 Add a local control.ctl file eagle enhancement low utilities 2.4.5
#96 Remove crosspost backend program eagle task low storage 2.4.5
#97 Parameter log time format with strftime for innfeed eagle enhancement low innfeed 2.4.5
#102 Improve checkgroups semantics in control.ctl eagle defect low utilities 2.4.5
#107 403 response code for nnrpd authentication filters eagle enhancement low nnrpd
#122 Support application/news-groupinfo entity in controlchan eagle enhancement low utilities
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