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#147 Add POD documentation for innreport defect low doc 2.6.1
#23 Add size and post time of articles to innfeed tape eagle enhancement low innfeed
#27 Allow prepending a header to the INN HTML status report eagle enhancement low innd
#19 Authenticated Path header support eagle enhancement low innd
#142 Disabling selected capabilities enhancement low nnrpd 2.6.0
#145 Homogenize checks performed by inews with nnrpd enhancement low utilities 2.6.0
#135 Improve nnrpd stats for volume reports eagle enhancement low nnrpd
#79 Inconsistent Newsgroups parsing between innd and nnrpd eagle defect medium general
#149 Missing newsgroup attribute in Python dynamic hook defect low nnrpd 2.6.2
#118 Parameter for the timeout of external auth programs eagle enhancement low nnrpd
#93 Possibility to disable unsecured authentication eagle enhancement low nnrpd
#70 Reorder news.daily output to show errors first eagle defect low utilities
#33 Support Cancel-Lock eagle enhancement low general
#31 Support POST in innxmit eagle enhancement low utilities
#29 Support installation in FHS paths eagle enhancement medium general
#124 Support per-peer configuration of IMAP parameters for imapfeed eagle defect low innfeed
#57 Support scope in checkgroups control messages eagle enhancement low utilities
#58 Support serial number in checkgroups eagle enhancement low utilities
#24 Support storing filtered articles instead of rejecting them eagle enhancement low innd
#86 Support throttling control message processing eagle defect low utilities
#34 Tool for analyzing spool usage eagle enhancement low utilities
#25 Utility for merging and cleaning newsgroups file eagle enhancement low utilities
#100 innd should keep user-supplied headers eagle defect low innd 2.4.5
#26 innfeed error 500 handler eagle defect medium innfeed
#129 innxmit should keep the order of replies when streaming eagle defect low general 2.5.1
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