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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#11 CNFS bitmap overflows with 64-bit INN new eagle medium storage
#14 Remove or fix installation of signcontrol new eagle low utilities
#26 innfeed error 500 handler new eagle medium 2.6.x innfeed
#36 History file format depends on configuration options new eagle medium history
#39 setproctitle doesn't work with /usr/ucb/ps on Solaris 8 & 9 new eagle low lib
#42 Expand newsfeeds variables in other variables new eagle low innd
#45 tradindexed expiry speedups new eagle low overview
#48 tradspool and timehash articles not deleted after rmgroup new eagle high storage
#49 rnews should defer articles if INN is throttled new eagle medium utilities
#53 Articles filed in junk should not be recorded in history with remembertrash: false new eagle low innd
#55 Warn when inn.conf was modified on ctlinnd reload all new eagle low innd
#56 Using stdio for causes problems new eagle low storage
#69 timecaf disk format depends on compile options new eagle medium storage
#70 Reorder news.daily output to show errors first new eagle low 2.6.x utilities
#76 innd doesn't honor DNS TTLs new eagle low 2.7.0 innd
#77 Collect nnrpd idle timer stat with a TLS connection new eagle low nnrpd
#79 Inconsistent Newsgroups parsing between innd and nnrpd new eagle medium 2.6.x general
#86 Support throttling control message processing new eagle low 2.6.x utilities
#89 makehistory imposes length limits on overview lines new eagle medium utilities
#90 innreport mishandles leap years and daylight savings time new eagle medium utilities
#100 innd should keep user-supplied headers new eagle low 2.6.x innd
#103 news2mail does not handle postings with different senders new eagle low utilities
#124 Support per-peer configuration of IMAP parameters for imapfeed new eagle low 2.6.x innfeed
#125 QIO cannot deal with unlimited line lengths (useful for overchan) new eagle low lib
#128 Tradindexed should not use zero length files for empty groups new eagle low overview
#129 innxmit should keep the order of replies when streaming new eagle low 2.6.x general
#131 Incomplete history API new eagle low history
#136 Check user input used as string literals new eagle low 2.7.0 general
#137 Prevent overflows in timers new eagle low general
#140 Fix format-nonliteral warnings new low 2.7.0 general
#147 Add POD documentation for innreport new low 2.6.x doc
#149 Missing newsgroup attribute in Python dynamic hook new low 2.6.x nnrpd
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