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#43 Use uwildmat in nnrpd, support @ new eagle enhancement medium 2.7.0
#14 Remove or fix installation of signcontrol new eagle defect low
#39 setproctitle doesn't work with /usr/ucb/ps on Solaris 8 & 9 new eagle defect low
#53 Articles filed in junk should not be recorded in history with remembertrash: false new eagle defect low
#55 Warn when inn.conf was modified on ctlinnd reload all new eagle defect low
#70 Reorder news.daily output to show errors first new eagle defect low 2.6.x
#72 news2mail always queues messages new eagle enhancement low
#77 Collect nnrpd idle timer stat with a TLS connection new eagle defect low
#80 tdx-util should also check active new eagle enhancement low
#93 Possibility to disable unsecured authentication new eagle enhancement low 2.6.x
#98 Homogenization of date and time format new eagle enhancement low 2.7.0
#125 QIO cannot deal with unlimited line lengths (useful for overchan) new eagle defect low
#128 Tradindexed should not use zero length files for empty groups new eagle defect low
#131 Incomplete history API new eagle defect low
#136 Check user input used as string literals new eagle defect low 2.7.0
#137 Prevent overflows in timers new eagle defect low
#138 Improve error logging for the history file new eagle enhancement low
#141 Check UINT_MAX in concat new enhancement low
#146 Retire snprintf replacement or replace with c99-snprintf new enhancement low
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