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#11 CNFS bitmap overflows with 64-bit INN new eagle defect medium
#26 innfeed error 500 handler new eagle defect 2.6.x medium
#29 Support installation in FHS paths new eagle enhancement 2.6.x medium
#36 History file format depends on configuration options new eagle defect medium
#37 Split tagged-hash from regular history backend new eagle enhancement medium
#43 Use uwildmat in nnrpd, support @ new eagle enhancement 2.7.0 medium
#49 rnews should defer articles if INN is throttled new eagle defect medium
#69 timecaf disk format depends on compile options new eagle defect medium
#79 Inconsistent Newsgroups parsing between innd and nnrpd new eagle defect 2.6.x medium
#89 makehistory imposes length limits on overview lines new eagle defect medium
#90 innreport mishandles leap years and daylight savings time new eagle defect medium
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