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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#2 Perl bindings to the new INN config parser new eagle enhancement low
#59 Support binary articles new eagle enhancement low
#68 Feed control system new eagle enhancement low
#114 Support for large article numbers new eagle enhancement low
#137 Prevent overflows in timers new eagle defect low
#98 Homogenization of date and time format new eagle enhancement low 2.7.0
#136 Check user input used as string literals new eagle defect low 2.7.0
#140 Fix format-nonliteral warnings new defect low 2.7.0
#150 Drop obsolete Python and Perl hooks wrappers new task low 2.7.0
#29 Support installation in FHS paths new eagle enhancement medium 2.6.x
#33 Support Cancel-Lock new eagle enhancement low 2.6.x
#79 Inconsistent Newsgroups parsing between innd and nnrpd new eagle defect medium 2.6.x
#129 innxmit should keep the order of replies when streaming new eagle defect low 2.6.x
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